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11 June 2018

Hello hashers,

So much to cover this month.  First we have a WELL DONE to Fiji for hosting World Interhash 2018.  It was not perfect, none of them are, but we certainly appreciate all the effort they made to host us.  Great job . . . and Bula Bula.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Trinidad & Tobago for winning the bid, and finally bringing World Interhash to the Western Hemisphere in 2020.  They have already done a great deal of planning, and you can see it all on the website (specific dates are TBD, but likely to be either the last weekend in April, or first weekend in May of 2020).  Registrations will open soon.


Speaking of World Interhash, the T-Shirt museum has been updated, but noticed I am missing photos of shirts for China 2014 and Bali 2016.  If you have those shirts, please send me some good photos, thanks.


Registrations have opened for the following events:

PanAfrica Hash in Sierra Leone, May 2019:

PanAsia Hash in China, Nov 2019:

EuroHash sailing from Scotland, Aug 2019:

InterAmericas Hash sailing from Florida, Oct 2019:

InterScandi Hash in Sweden, May 2019:


Now, what is on tap for July you ask?  Campouts galore, Bayern Nash Hash, and the UK Full Moon Nash Hash.  Check them all out below.


Upcoming hash events for the month of July 2018 are listed below.  See the website for more details: 

Jul 5-8
Hosted by the Tidewater H3 near Halifax, NC, USA.

Jul 6-8
Hosted by the Ventura County H3 in Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

Jul 6-14       
Hedo II
Hosted by the Hedo II H3 in Negril, Jamaica.

Jul 13-15      
Hotter Than Hell Campout       
Hosted by the Seattle H3 in Granite Falls, WA, USA.

Jul 13-15      
Friday the 13th
Hosted by the Hertz H3 in Bristol, England, UK.

Jul 13-15      
S&M Mom's Primitive Backyard Campout   
Hosted by the Palmetto H3 in Ridgeway, SC, USA.

Jul 14-15      
FLash Campout  
Hosted by the Happy Heretics H3 near Charleston, NC, USA.

Jul 20-22      
Hosted by the Chattanooga Choo Choo H3 in Guild, TN, USA.

Jul 20-22      
Hook Norton Camping Weekend    
Hosted by the London H3 in Hook Norton, Banbury, UK.

Jul 27-29      
Hashers Turning 50 Hash
Hosted by the Corned Beef and Hurricane H3 in Pompano Beach, FL, USA.

Jul 27-29      
Whoreman Hash Camp     
Hosted by multiple hash clubs at Diamond Campground near Salt Lake, UT, USA.

Jul 27-29      
Bayern Nash Hash       
Hosted by the Munich H3 in Forchheim, Germany.

Jul 27-29      
The Princess Ride      
Hosted by the Whitehouse H3 in Rileyville, VA, USA.

Jul 27-29      
UK Full Moon Nash Hash 
Hosted by the Milton Keynes H3 in Milton Keynes, UK.

Jul 27-29      
Dirty XXX Weekend      
Hosted by the Flour City H3 in Sodus Point, NY, USA.

See the whole two year calendar of events at        

If you know of an upcoming event not posted to the calendar, please send me the info. 


Hashing is fun!  See you on trail some day . . . :O)

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