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December 12 – 14, 2014

Phuket Hash House Harriers Reaches Another Milestone
Run #1500

PH3 invites all Hashers to join us for 3 days of drinking, 2 days of running & a whole lotta fun.

Schedule of Events

Friday 12 Dec

PH3 HQ @ Expat Bar / Restaurant

  • 16:00 - 21:00 Registration
  • 19:00 Free Buffet & Live Music
  • Welcome All Hashers

Saturday 13 Dec

HHH Run #1500

  • 14:00 Buses depart from Expat
  • 15:00 Run Start
  • 16:30 - 18:00 Circle
  • 18:30 Relocate to On-on venue
  • 20:30 Return to Expat

Sunday 14 Dec

Pooying Run #296

  • 14:00 Buses depart from Expat
  • 15:00 Run Start
  • 16:30 Thai Buffet
  • 17:00 Circle
  • 18:30 Return to Expat


Registration Options

Registration Package A

800 THB

  • Friday night free Buffet & Live Music
  • Saturday Transportation to/from Run Site
  • Commerative Run Shirt
  • Saturday On-On Buffet near Run Site
  • Sunday Transportation to/from Run Site
  • Pooying Run
  • Pooying Buffet

Registration Package B

500 THB

  • Friday night free Buffet & Live Music
  • Saturday Transportation to/from Run Site
  • Commerative Run Shirt
  • On-On Buffet near Run Site

Registration Package C 
Pay As You Go & 
get there on your own...

  • Friday night free Buffet & Live Music
  • Saturday on-site registration: 60 THB, includes shirt & buffet [100 THB if you don't have a hash name yet]
  • Sunday on-site registration: 300 THB, includes buffet

Map to Expat Hotel

What is the Pooying Hash?



P R E S S    R E L E A S E


Pure wilderness: Running in the land of Ghengis Khan


-        The registration period for the 17th Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 42km and cheap zithromax no prescription 100km trail run, taking place on 5th August 2015, starts on 1 October 2014.

-        Adventure seeking runners can now register for this unique experience on www.ms2s.org

-        Runners from no less than 13 countries participated in 2014; new race record set for 42km distance.


Mongolia (24 September 2014) – Wild horses, wild yaks and seas of wildflowers: The Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 42km and 100km ultra marathon truly offers pure wilderness to the participants. “It is one of the most remote races worldwide. The untouched nature in the Hovsgol National Park is the main reason why many of our runners refer to the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset as the most beautiful 100km run on the planet”, says race director Nicolas Musy. The course in the National Park in Northern Mongolia follows lake-side single tracks and horse trails. It includes steep hills, windblown lowlands, craggy mountains, marshy forests and spectacular views over mighty Lake Hovsgol and all the way to the Siberian Mountains in the far North.

Register now!

The registration period for next year’s race starts on 1 October 2014. Runners with an appetite for a special adventure can now secure early bird rates for the race package online on www.ms2s.org. “This is not a one-day event. We offer a week full of discovery and adventure”, explains Musy. Participants gather in a picturesque camp at the lakeshore, sleep in traditional Mongolian yurts and get in touch with local nomads and buy online pharmacy viagra their culture. In the days before and following the race, runners can enjoy a variety of leisure activities: horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, hiking, or mountain biking.

2014: New record for 42km

Runners from 13 countries gathered at the shores of Lake Hovsgol in August 2014 for the 16th edition of this spectacular race. French runner Alex Balson, who lives in Northern Mongolia and is familiar with the course, set a new record time for the 42km in 3:48 hours. An impressive time, especially considering the difficulty of the terrain and the accumulated elevation gain/loss of 2,255 meters in the marathon distance. For the 100km ultra distance, the accumulated elevation gain/loss is no less than 3,365 meters. Sean Smith from Australia managed to come in first in 13:37 hours. Especially remarkable was the breathtaking finish in the veteran category, where 69-year old Marc Progin from Switzerland and Hans Andersen from Denmark sprinted head-to-head through the finish line and shared the first place in 14:52 hours. The fastest female on 42km was Rose Kennedy from the United States, while her compatriot Rhonda Stricklett won the 100km ultra distance in strong 14:25 hours.

Preserving the National Park

The Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is organised on a non-profit basis. All proceeds are used to keep Hovsgol National Park pristine and clean as well as to support the culture of the local nomads via the “ecoLeap foundation” registered in Geneva, Switzerland. “We want to keep this pristine mountain area as beautiful as it is now. That is why we fund a litter control project and its ongoing operation including hiring park rangers, providing eco-friendly garbage bags and raising awareness nation-wide through TV ads and education of local children and families”, explains race director Nicolas Musy. The ecoLeap foundation also supports the local culture, adds Musy: “It is not only the pristine nature that makes this part of the world so special. It is also the unique culture of the nomads and their way of life. The nomads should be proud of their abilities and culture.”


Photo Credits: www.ms2s.org / Peter Troest or www.ms2s.org / Khasar Sandag

Media Contact: Bernhard Hagen

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +86-138-1834-8244

Registrations - executive decision time.  NO MORE TRANSFERS.  If you cannot come to the event then we will refund your registration fee using PayPal. We know that this move may be unpopular but the reason for this is simple; the event is oversubscribed and there have been people on the waiting list for over six months.  It is only fair that we give those people a chance to come.  So, registrations are no longer transferable to others.  We will refund until one month before the event.  If anyone has a problem with this policy, please click here to go to our customer service department.

Wiang Inn Hotel - is FULLY BOOKED.  There are lots of other hotels in town - many within walking distance of the Wiang Inn. 
Friday night entertainment - we will have entertainment on Friday night at the party.  If there are any hashes/hashers who want to get up on the stage with a song or skit - please let us know as soon as you can.
Other events in Thailand - not exactly a pre-lube but if you are around in early October, you are welcome to the Pattaya Jungle Hash 300th run on October 3/4/5 -http://www.pattayajungle.com

On2 - see you in October
The Angeles City Hash (ACH3) will celebrate 36 years of hashing on the 17th of August 2014. 
Registration will be at  Margarita Station from 1300 hrs, and transportation will leave at 1430 hrs.
The Run Fees will be (approximately) Men 600 Pesos and Women 400 Pesos.
There will be an Anniversary Shirt , and plenty of cold beer, sodas and juice.  
The hares will be Saput, Surfboard, Kuntstuble, & Pancake.  

The trail will be very scenic, and you will see many outstanding views from the top of the mountains near Clark! For those who like a challenge, the Long Trail is guaranteed to give you just that!

Come and enjoy an outstanding afternoon out in the countryside, but do bring an umbrella or rain coat , as we are in the rainy season!    
For more information check out website   http://angeles-hash.com/Angeles-Hash
Or our Angeles City Hash House Harriers Facebook page.
or contact Rusty Nail at: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

nhatrang h3Our Nash Hash Vietnam 2014 is really taking shape now!
- Registration is open.   Simply visit www.nhatranghash.com and follow the signage to NASH HASH
- We are sourcing some really good deals on hotels and apartments ranging from 5 star Sheraton to 1 star (for most of the people we know) - details available soon!
- Festivities start Friday afternoon 24 October with registrations - that day enjoy free beer, softies, juices, quality food and wonderful company during the long  rego period
- Fun and games continue on Saturday as you get to be involved in spectacular running and walking around the bay and hinterlands of Nha Trang (hard and easy options available)
- Saturday continues with boating, swimming, snorkelling, island hopping, quality food and as much as you can drink for FREE.
-Saturday night promises more frivolity with a quality dinner, FREE drink and a live band.
-Wait there is more.......   Bring your hangover on Sunday morning because the bus is taking you to another stunning location for a recovery run/walk or a really challenging ball-breaker if you are up to it.
- Bring your swimmers too because you will be taken to a very out of the way beach location for more of what Hashing can offer.       The airport is only a 10 minute drive away for plane travellers.   Everyone else can decide when their bodies have had enough and catch the appropriate hash shuttle bus back to town.
Love the sound of all this..... then hurry to www.nhatrang hash.com.... follow the signage to Nash Hash.      Numbers are capped at 150.   Online regos are happening.   Locals are paying cash and not showing on the rego list.....so numbers are growing quickly.
ON ON....to Nash Hash


NTH3 Hash Trash

indochina mekong hashWith just over three months to go we are sending out this news update to all registered Hashers.  Please take the time to read this information as some of it may affect you.  We hope to answer all questions that people have recently asked about the event.


1.  * Thailand Military Coup - this has not affected our event in any way.  There is no curfew and things are normal as far as the Hashing world is concerned.  There is no need to worry about anything!

2.  * Visas - one of the reasons that we asked your nationality is so that we can check to make sure if you need a visa or not to enter Thailand.  From what we can see, everybody should be able to get into the country either visa - free or visa on entry.  Please note that for those people who stated their nationality as "Pom", "Blittis", "Hasher", “Citizen of the World” and “Mother Hash” we suggest that you check directly with the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see if a visa is necessary.

3.  * Responsibilities – usual Hash protocol applies.  You come Hashing at your own risk and the organizers are not responsible for anything.  You know how it works. 

4.  * Registrations – registrations are now closed.  If you cannot make it there are two options – transfer your registration to another Hasher and advise us of your actions – we need to hear from both parties to put this into place.  Please note that we cannot guarantee t-shirt/jacket sizes for anyone accepting a transfer.  The second option is a refund of $100 per person (the difference covers PayPal charges both ways) – we can offer this up to one month before the event. 

5.   * Accommodation – please do not forget that hotel/guest house bookings are your responsibility and are not included in the price.  The official hotel, the Wiang Inn still has some rooms available, for details, please visit our website – see below.  If you do plan to stay in town, please ensure that you are not too far away from the Wiang Inn.  Check the map of where your hotel is located as some are far outside town.

6.  * Getting to Chiang Rai – it’s “Rai” not “Mai” as in “Chiang Rai”.  They are both in the north of Thailand, they both have airports and the one you want is CEI.  We already have once case of a bright spark booking flights to the wrong airport!  You are responsible for getting to Chiang Rai and the Wiang Inn.  If you are coming by air there are clearly marked transportation options from the airport including taxi and shared van.  By busthere are tuktuks available into town at the bus station(s). If you are smart enough to come overland from Laos via the new Friendship Bridge then you don't need any advice from us.

7. * Pre and Post Lubes - 

Vietnam Nash Hash, Nha Trang – 24-6 October “This is going to be a weekend of partying at the Beach, on Islands, in the Ocean, in the Countryside and at our Sponsors clubs. Oh… and there will be some brilliant runs and walks in the amazing hinterlands of Nha Trang Bay.  Attendance will be capped at 150 Hashers”. 


Chiang Mai Happy Hash – Thursday 30th October - More details to follow

Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers – Monday 3rd November - More details to follow

Mekong Indochina Full Moon Hash – Monday 3rd November - As per tradition.  Bobo will be organising a Full Moon Hash in Chiang Rai on the Monday after the event – signup in Chiang Rai when you sign in for the main event.

Please note that all pre-post lubes are independent of the main event.  We can't help with reservations, regos, money or anything else as you know know as much as we do!


8. * Schedule – the planned schedule is as follows:

Friday Afternoon – Registration from midday at the Wiang Inn – sign in and pick up your goody bag.

Friday evening – Opening reception at the Wiang Inn Poolside – time to be advised.  Drinks - Beer, wine and soft drinks, heavy snacks and entertainment. 

Saturday Afternoon – walk, medium, long and ball breaker runs – drinking, circle on site and sit down dinner at a local restaurant.  Transport back to the Wiang Inn.

Sunday morning – GM's meeting,  Hangover Run with BBQ lunch and circle on site time to be advised.  Sunday will end mid afternoon to allow people to get away.  Transport back to the Wiang Inn.


The registration and all events will take place or start from the Wiang Inn in the middle of town. 


9.  * Free trial subscription to Harrier Magazine!


All registered Hashers are entitled to three free months trial subscription to Harrier Magazine


10.  * Useful links:


Map:  Google maps showing key places – this will be updated regularly – right now it just shows the location of the Wiang Inn.  Later on we will be adding places to eat and drink and other points of interest for Hashers.




Main Website: 




That’s it – we will put out another newsflash later the date - We look forward to seeing you in Chiang Rai! 




Noah “Four by Two” Shepherd


by Jay Hopkins

JUNE 30, 2014 (Brussels) – The Red Dress Run Pre Ramble to “Brussels 2014 A Beer Odyssey” was selected by RedDressRuns.org as one of the world’s Top Ten Red Dress Runs of 2014. Qualifying factors for the Top Ten selection include support for charity, connecting the Red Dress Run to the Hash House Harriers’ brand, “hashpitality,” good organization and other qualities that make the event unique.

One of the aspects making this charity Red Dress Run event particularly special is that that the two hares will be Deep Throat and Zulu Boy, both of whom hared the very first Red

Zulu Boy introduced the Red Dress Run to Europe.

Zulu Boy (hand raised) introduced the Red Dress Run to Europe in 1997.

Dress Run in San Diego in 1988. Zulu Boy was also a pivotal player in the August 7, 1987 “hot tub incident” that played a contributing role in launching the Red Dress Run a year later. Also of historical significance, Zulu Boy helped introduce the first Red Dress Run in Europe at the July 1997 Euro Hash pre lube in Brussels.

The fact that this Red Dress Run takes place in the “Disneyland of Beer” that is Belgium makes it a do-not-miss event. One of the planned featured beers will be a kriek (cherry beer), ideally camouflaged for painting the town red. The name of two other beers available at the Red Dress Run party (and perhaps exclusively so) is being kept secret.

The theme of this Red Dress Run will be an upbeat commemoration of our hash friends who departed to the On After since Cardiff 2004 — sadly including the Lady in Red, who had signed up to attend this event.

The trail will start from Parc Cinquantenaire (the same place where Brussels 2014 attendees will board buses for weekend trails) and ends at Tour & Taxis, the four-day evening venue for the Beer Odyssey. According event organizer Higgins, it will be a “sightseeing trail through town with a mix of public parks, art-nouveau buildings and 2014-Top10-RDR minisurrealism.”  Format: warm-up drink, trail featuring two beer stops (open containers are OK in Brussels.

Attendance will be limited to those who who purchased tickets and are wearing Red Dress Run wristbands. The bad news is that the event was limited to 1,000 and tickets sold out within just 10 days this past January. The good news is that 100 more tickets are being allocated on a first-come, first served basis at check in for EUR 30 per head (no T-shirt) covering the run, donation to charity, party, pizza and unlimited drinks until midnight. Check-in will take place at Hotel Renaissance (EU district, just off Place Luxembourg) on Wednesday from 10:00 to 18:00 and Thursday from 10:00 to 15:00. If you arrive too late for the run itself you’ll still be able to check-in at the same place until 18:00 and join the party. If you arrive after 18:00 you’ve missed the boat. Practical details and site locations will be provided at check-in.

Other Red Dress Run venues selected for the Top Ten list include, Ascension Island in the South Atlantic; Panama City, FL; Phoenix; Montreal; New Orleans, Bisbee, AZ; Washington, Las Vegas; and Brisbane, Australia.

The Red Dress Run has been the signature event of the Hash House Harriers since 1988 and has raised funds for charities across the globe. RedDressRuns.org works to promote and protect the Hash House Harriers’ Red Dress Run tradition. In addition to its website, the RedDressRuns.org network includes a companion Facebook page and Twitter feed.

 # # #

An abbreviated version of this feature first appeared in the January-March 2014 edition of Harrier Magazine.

If you are headed to Brussels for the big Beer Odyssey 2014 event, here is a little guide on the beers you will be experiencing.

You can download the interactive PDF, or view the flipbook online.



Iyangon stayed at the Yuzana Garden Hotel for 10 nights in the middle of 2014, and got to know the place well. I had chosen the hotel because of its colonial origins - it was originally the rooming house for a British trading company - and I was more than happy to find that it retains its colonial charm and style. 

The hotel stands in a small garden. The lobby is long and spacious, with a high ceiling, and there is plenty of comfortable seating. The rooms are exceptionally large: I started in a Superior room but upgraded to Deluxe halfway through my trip, which was a good move because there is more natural light, a much bigger space, and a balcony looking over the garden. 

The restaurant has a menu with a choice of Western and Chinese dishes, and the chef must be extremely versatile, because I worked my way through almost the entire Western selection, and everything was good; and I also tried the Chinese side, and that was also good! The bar serves only beer and a couple of wines, no spirits. Breakfast was included in the room rate, and was substantial.

The Wi-Fi was unreliable, but that is a continual problem in Yangon. I found that the lobby was the best place to use my laptop, and that if the connection wasn't working, asking the staff to reboot the modem usually did the trick. Sometimes however the problem is an ISP outage. And the download speeds are so slow that some pages don't load at all.

The staff were completely charming, and outstandingly friendly and helpful. By the end of my long stay, I was beginning to feel part of the family.

Bearing in mind this is a three-star hotel, with Myanmar only just coming to terms with the expectations of international tourists, the value here is exceptionally good. I will certainly stay again. The location is excellent, with the Sule Pagoda and the central railway station within walking distance and Shwedagon Pagoda a 10-minute taxi ride. There is an ATM in the hotel lobby.

Ken Barrett is author of 22 Walks in Bangkok: Exploring the City's Historic Back Lanes and Byways, published by Tuttle Publishing. He is currently writing a book on Myanmar.

Nha TrangNha Trang Hash is ready for a challenge.   We are hosting Vietnam Nash Hash 2014.   And we will do it with style.    We have one of the Worlds most beautiful Bay's and Hinterland to guarantee you spectacular running.    We have access to boats, Islands, beaches, coral reefs..... the list goes on!!!!!
We want to show off our small City (it only has a population of 400,000) which still manages to have blue skies and crystal clear water most of the time.  We want to give you a weekend to remember for a long, long time.
Numbers are capped at 150 people.    Our flyer gives you information on how to express your interest.   If Registration has already opened, and you follow the steps on the flyer.... it okay!     We will receive your expression and let you know what else to do!!!!!    We are here to help and welcome you to our beautiful part of the world!
Here's a bit of a background on NTH3:
Run 75 is on Sunday 13 July, 2014.  We run every Sunday so NTH3 is still a very young Hash but growing up quickly.    Most of our members are new to Hashing and we have a core group of experienced long term Hashers.    Being a tourist town, we have our share of visitors every week and we welcome the songs and CIRCLE manoeuvers from their own Kennels.  In the cooler months we are running around 80-90 hashers on a Sunday.   In the hotter months we are between 50-70 strong.   Not bad for a sweltering Sunday afternoon!
Nha Trang Bay and Hinterlands are areas of immense natural beauty.    The ranges behind the easterly facing bay, protect Nha Trang from the weather extremes experienced by other coastal areas along the Vietnam Coast..  The running is incredibly scenic.    Whether we are running through a Village or past it into rural areas, its the stuff of postcards.  
Nha Trang Hashers experience different, stunning countryside every week.   And our Club is now so well known that our numbers are 50% local Vietnamese, many of them wanting to see countryside, and an ancient way of life, that they as City locals have rarely or never experienced.  We subsidise local Vietnamese because we want them with us.  They are fun and adventure-loving.   They are also right into our CIRCLE activities .   There have been a few occasions when their presence has saved the day... well actually "the run" for us.
We look forward to meeting you on Friday 24 October 2014 for the start of one hell of a weekend!

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