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 ImH3 Post lube

The Phnom Penh hash house harriers will be hosting a post lube for the 18th IMH3.


 Friday Nov. 10th    –      Bar crawl

 Saturday Nov. 11th  – Train hash lunch and female viagra Khmer BBQ


 Sunday Nov. 12th   –     Recovery run

 For registration, zithromax prescription austria send us an email with the following information  @  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1.  Real name and hash name

2.  Hash chapter

3.  T-shirt size











Date:10 – 12 November, 2017


Place:Phnom Penh

For more Information, visit www.p2h3.comor https://www.facebook.com/groups/p2h3cambodia/


Friday Nov. 10th– Bar crawl

Saturday Nov. 11th– Train hash, lunch and Khmer BBQ dinner.

Sunday Nov. 12th– Recovery run

For more information and registration send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









The countdown is on now with just a bit over 2 months to go until our big Nash Hash/4th Anniversary weekend in Nha Trang.

We look forward to welcoming all our visitors at Crazy Kim's Bar, 19 Biet Thu Street. This will be the main Hash meeting place plus Hash Venue. Exact registration times will be sent closer to the event. Registration will be at Crazy Kim's Bar, 19 Biet Thu Street commencing mid-late afternoon on Friday 24 March.

Rooms available:

One of our visiting Pattaya Hashmen has booked rooms and some people in his group are now unable to attend. The rooms are at the Edele Hotel from 23-27 March, 4 nights @ 150Usd per room total. Please contact Mark Ward (Sperm Polluter)This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. direct for more information.

General Accommodation:

The town in booming and hotels are going up everywhere. We are locals so don't generally stay in hotels, we don't know whether you like luxury mid range or budget and the online sites advertise special rates in a competitive market of which we have no knowledge. So its much better to research that way. There is a satellite area called Vinh Hai (Hon Chong Beach) north of the bridge which markets itself as being in the middle of town. Not true - its about 6km north of the tourist area and Crazy Kim's. As a general rule use The Sailing Club as a guide and stay walking distance from there - unless you want to get taxis or the local bus back and forth everyday. The beach at Vinh Hai (Hon Chong Beach) north of the river, is very nice and you may prefer to be away from the main part of town. There is a strong local Vietnamese vibe over there and taxis and/or buses are cheap.


There are different rules for individual countries and these rules change regularly. Airlines usually don't let you board a plane unless your visa or "Visa Acceptance Letter" is available. If you are doing your Visa On-Line, make sure you have Us dollars (and a passport photo) at the Vietnam Airport Visa counter to cover whatever amount is applicable for your passport type.


Weather in Nha Trang late March is typically hot and dry. The wet season is generally well gone, the sea has calmed and overall its the best time of the year in this part of Vietnam.

Food and Drink

If you have dietary needs and haven't mentioned it - please go back in and make changes or let me know by email. As long as we know, we can cater for you within reason.

We will have free flow beer, soft-drinks, fruit juices and water. There will even be spirits on Saturday night because we haven't called Sunday's run a "recovery" for the hell of it!!!!

Hash Sponsors:

The places that support Hash in various ways in Nha Trang are: San Miguel Beer, Crazy Kims, Lanterns Vietnamese Restaurant,Bbq Un In and Texas Bbq. We need supporting because our local Nha Trang Vietnamese community come to weekly Hash events at less than cost price. We figure its worth the financial drain to have a local independent presence and acceptance of us, rather than only partners of ex-pats.


Most overseas visitors have already paid in full. We are still chasing a few though and we are now needing the funds for deposits etc. Some locals are paying off their registrations - that's the joy of being local - so they are not showing as paid yet.

I will send more updates as I think of things to tell you.


MORE INFO HERE: http://www.nhatranghash.com/

See you soon
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Pickle Dick - Gm
and all the Hash Committee

interhash 2017The photos are testament to the seriousness, albeit hash style, on the preparations for Interhash 2018 

With some new gadgets and cameras we are on track for tracking and mapping, more hashers emerging not only in Fiji but elsewhere, to lend us a hand, committees , so called mismanagement meeting at frequent intervals, assessing and assuming their roles, the works…

We are introducing for the first time in Interhash ratings for our marks or tracks ranging from 3-7 star that will depend on terrain, distance, entertainment, food, drinks, etc etc and mind you we already looking at a 7 star  rating which will be located next to one of the 10 best beaches in the world !!

It’s a fair way to go, we have time to test and re test these sites adding all the spoils to make hashing in Fiji the best so far

Prelubes and postlubes also coming up by our hard working team which includes official event organizers, Original Green Tours



interhash 2017interhash 2017interhash 2017



MAY 19-21, 2017



Click the Nash Hash logo at http://www.cebuhash.org/index.php


Cebu Hash is now in its 20th year of existence and we are proud to be hosting this year’s Pan Philippine National Hash. Over those years we have built up our own Hash style which aims to be friendly to everyone and anyone. In the early years, we had a good choice of run sites close by to Cebu City itself. Unfortunately, so-called “progress” has fenced many of these off and turned beautiful countryside into factories and sub-divisions. Unfortunately, the roads have not progressed very much over the same time period. Journeys to some run sites can involve a lot of rocky road driving which is why we have once again chosen sites that buses can reach.

The Friday Runs (19TH May)

These will be closer to the city and the “Hike” will take you up, over and along a ridge that is too steep for anyone to build on. The Hike finishes at a ridge top village that is a short, not too difficult, wooded walk away from a waterfall – the Walkers Trail. Both will finish in time to get back for the free flowing beer Meet

& Greet session. For those interested, a pub crawl will follow (buy your own for that I’m afraid).

The Saturday Runs (20TH May)

These will be at the Kan Irag Nature Park around 15 uphill km outside the City. Yes, we used the same area for our 1,000TH Run but it is big enough and open enough for a multitude of different trails.


The Walkers’ Trail will be a short jaunt to enjoy the views from a colourful flower farm.

For the more energetic there will be a shortish trail around the surrounding countryside without too many obstacles. For the FRB superheroes, an almost “ball buster” trail of around 12km will be available. See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kan-irag_Nature_Park for details about the area.

The Sunday Runs

There will be two; one will be a simple, medium length “recovery run” while the other will be set with FRB’s in mind. They will be to the north of the City in a coastal area called Tayud which is partly in Consolacion and also Liloan. Both runs will start and finish at poolside in a sub-division clubhouse.

Saturday & Sunday Parties, On Ons, etc


Free beer will be available at the end of all runs before moving on for more. To get more beer and grub for your Buck, we are holding the Saturday/Sunday circles & bashes in sub-division clubhouses.




The 2017 Philippine Nash Hash over May 19TH to 21ST


Follow the links on http://cebuhash.org/index.php



To cover all the costs and ensure plentiful beer supplies, we have set the event fee at Peso 4,500 per person to be paid via PayPal (including major credit cards) through the links on our website. The final cut off date is 20TH April 2017.


For those able to pay in cash in Cebu there will be a discount – Peso 4,000 in cash payable to Dribbles Weekly no later than 28TH February 2017. NOTE – cash payments must be in Philippine bank notes direct to our Hash Cash (Dribbles Weekly) and handed over here in Cebu BEFORE the 28/2/17 cut off date.

This is based on a limit of +/- 150 Hashers.

NB – Regardless of payment method, everyone must complete the online rego form so that we know T- shirt sizes and other preferences. Separate forms & payments for each Hasher.

HOTELS Cebu City itself has many upmarket (expensive) hotels and a wide variety of lower cost (but OK) places to stay at. Those located along Gov Quenco Avenue and A.S. Fortuna Street are the best placed for access to our pick up point. We suggest you use an online booking service and search for hotels in vicinity of Banilad Town Center, Cebu, Philippines. We do not recommend staying on Mactan Island (Lapu Lapu) over a Hash weekend.

Fiji Interhash 2018 reports that all is going well with the onset of the new year. Registrations are just over 1300 with more expected.


They have tracked 3 run sites, all of which are  great hash running territory.


By the end of January 2017 they will add a "5 star track" that is expected to be most spectacular in every respect. What this "5 Star Track" actually is still remains a mystery that will be unveiled soon.



The new IH Fiji 2018 website is http://fijiinterhash2018.com/.

Check it out for news on Interhash 2018 including accommodation options. 


With less than 13 weeks until our Vietnam Nash Hash in Nha Trang - we have 104 registrations. As we have to cap the numbers to 135 due to safety on the boats - if you have partners and/or friends who haven't registered yet, give them a nudge. This applies especially to Saigon Hashers as your official run is in Nha Trang for the weekend Friday 24-26 March. We don't want you to miss out.

Here is some information you may find useful:


Late March is usually the perfect time to visit Nha Trang.The wet season is over, the ocean is calm and the scorching heat of May/June/July and August has not arrived. Expect temperatures of 30c every day and there is no way you will need warm clothing.


If you want to be near the action at our venue = Crazy Kim's, 19 Biet Thu Street, use The Sailing Club as a guide and stay within 1 kilometre north, south or west of it. Lots of hotels on the north side of the river near the university, market themselves as being centrally located. In reality they are about 6km from the tourist centre. Luckily taxis are very cheap but nothing beats walking to your destination.

Nha Trang is going through a Boom and hotels are being built everywhere creating a glut of accommodation. Lots of people are asking me advice on where to stay and we really cannot give you the best answer. Most hotels are offering great online deals to compete with the opposition. Your best bet is to go onto booking.com or agoda.com and see what promotions they have. This way you get your preferred star rating as well. If you like a bit of comfort, don't overlook places like Sheraton, Novotel etc because they often have good specials.

Getting here:

Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) is transforming itself and international flights are arriving. Hk Express from Hong Kong flies direct as does China Airlines and so do a number of flights from Moscow and Siberia. Many flights a day come in from Saigon (Hcmc), Hanoi and Danang. We have tourists from all over the world however our main tourists at this point of time are wealthy Chinese. This seems to change almost annually - as before the Russian currency dropped out of the sky - we were the favourite holiday destination for Ruskys.

Buses and trains run frequently all throughout the country. I strongly suggest you dont do long distance bus travel - even though we do it at times. The new buses are luxurious but the fatality rate is terrifying and receives very little publicity. Train travel is a great way to see the country as long as you book your trip during the day. A few years ago we always travelled by train now we get air tickets for the same price. Domestic carriers coming into Nha Trang include: Vietnam Air, VietJet and Jetstar. There maybe others too but that's my extent of knowledge. Expect delays. Vietnam Air is the most reliable as they get first preference if there is a queue.

Things to do:

Part of your goody bag treasures will be a wristband giving you discounts to restaurants, spas, clubs around town that are part of the "Visit Nha Trang" brand.

There are endless beaches. The City beaches are fine and for Us$2 you can hire a beach lounger with umbrella for the day. Raise your arm and somebody will appear to get your food or beverage order. The out of town beaches are fabulous with their traditional shacks supplying fresh seafood and cheap beer. Local bus services or taxis take you north and south to beach locations.

Nha Trang is situated on Nha Trang Bay and is backed to the west by rain-forested coastal ranges. Known as the southern highlands, the scenery is magnificent and if you are a motor bike enthusiast, you will have a thrilling time. There are also multi daily buses visiting these parts and private vehicles with drivers for hire. I will give you details of these companies in later posts.

Nha Trang is famous for its day spas. Most are average but people love them anyway - and some are world class. Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa is a bit more expensive than most (still a fraction of western prices) but the owners are Australians and run the place by Australian standards (giving most of their takings to charity). If you have aches and pains then Steve Brown is the man to fix them.

Restaurants from all over the world abound. If you want a change from eating Vietnamese then take your pick of almost anywhere in the world. Walk about 500 metres inland and the gliz and glitter of Nha Trang City is gone.You are firmly in the real Vietnam and can enjoy street food or eat at any of the little local places with other Vietnamese.

That's all for now folks.

Talk soon.

On On
Dosage and the Nth3 Committee


interhash 2018 fijiBula and warm greetings from Fiji.

Interhash 2018 , the 21st Anniversary of Interhash is well and truly taking shape.

We faced teething issues with regos and payments on line which is now fully operational and so far more than a thousand registered.

The committee has been working pretty hard with several important subcommittees to look at the entire 4 days event which includes the Red Dress Run.

Our website is regularly updated and will soon include pages dedicated to “who is coming”

 The new website address is www.fijiinterhash2018.com

Amari Watergate Bangkok will be hold The 19th Annual Amari Watergate Bangkok Charity Midnight Run on Saturday, 21 January 2017. This is the only race in Bangkok to be held at midnight, offering runners a unique experience of running under the fabulous atmosphere of Bangkok at night.


Each year, the race brings together people from across the globe, with last year’s run raising an incredible 4 million THB. This year, the race proceeds will go to three major charities, the Chalerm Prakiat HRH Princess Sirindhorn School in Lampoon province and Baht for a Better Life, an Amari CSR project dedicated to offering educational opportunities for underprivileged children in Bangkok and rural areas.


The race gives competitors a choice to choose between two distances:6k anda half marathon length of 12k, taking place on Phetchburi Road in the heart of the city.Runners of all ages and nationalities come together for this special event. Last year, 6,000 runners came tocompete.The starting and finishing points arelocated at Amari Watergate.There will be police and security crew present to guard the entire race route. Entry is 800 THB for both distance.


Online application is available at http://www.gotorace.com/events/category/running/from now until20 January 2017, after which all applications should be made directly to the hotel by calling +66 (0)2 653 9000 ext. 69.



 About Amari

Amari is the centrepiece of the ONYX portfolio of hospitality brands, reflecting the warmth and energy of an evolving modern Asia. Amari’s network of properties spans Thailand and beyond, from scenic seaside locations to vibrant urban settings, including Doha, Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui, Phuket, Krabi and Hua Hin. Visit www.amari.com.


For more information about this release, please contact +66 (0) 2653 9000 ext. 5020.

Nisara Khamphong – Director, Marketing Communications

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Laura Rand – Manager, Social Media

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nuttapon Chaiyachit – Coordinator, Public Relation

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For high-resolution photography, please visit the press centre or contact:

Press Centre: press.onyx-hospitality.com

Facebook: facebook.com/amariwatergate

Follow us on Twitter: @Amariwatergateand @OHG_PR

We have less than 4 months to go until our 4th Anniversary weekend.The Vietnam Gms got together and agreed to make it Nash Hash as well - so we have a double-whammy lined up for you.

Saigon Hash is making the weekend their official run and we will be overrun with people from "The South". Pattaya is set to come in large numbers and we have a big contingent of Australians lined up particularly from Brisbane. In addition there are lots of Hashers from all over the world planning to come.

Due to our initial problems with Paypal we switched to other payment options. That is working well except many of you haven't actually made your payments yet - or if you have they are not showing up in the designated places.

Western Union payments have been coming through but only if you send me the code (a series of numbers/letters) which is given to you when you make the payment. We need this code to access the funds. I contact the payer as soon as that happens. Others have paid into Westpac and I have confirmed them on the website. Payments into the Vietnam bank account are usually accompanied by an Sms so if you have paid this way please check your status on the website and contact me if your payment isn't showing up. All the above are easy-fixes!! Remain calm and breath deeple if your payment isn't showing yet.

We will start sending you updates of what to expect in Nha Trang. One thing you can be sure of is that we will go all out to give you a great weekend of Hashing.


More info here:  http://www.nhatranghash.com/

On On
Dosage on behalf of the Nth3 Committee

The 19th Amari Watergate Hotel Midnight Run has been Re-scheduled to 21 January 2017

About the Midnight Run

The only race in Bangkok to take place on the capital's streets at midnight, the Midnight Run sees many runners competing in this annual event. With a choice between a 6-km or 12-km route, the run brings a fantastic mix of international and local professional runners, together with families and groups of friends to support a variety of amazing causes.

A mainstay in Thailand's calendar of sporting and charitable events, proceeds from the Midnight Run will be donated to three great charities, including:

Chalerm Prakiat School, Lampoon

Provides education to unfortunate children whose parents have passed away from HIV infection

Baht for a Better Life

A project dedicated to offering educational opportunities for underprivileged children in Bangkok and rural areas of Thailand


For more information, visit:



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