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Cha-AmHua Hin Hash House Harriers  17th Anniversary - 7th to 9th July 2017
So what’s so special about the 17th anniversary then? Well, after 17 years, our foundation date of 8th July actually falls on our hash day…Saturday. The bonus is that Monday 10th July is a public holiday. 

Friday Night  Pub Crawl Starting from our very own Pussy Peddler’s  Romantic Bar
Saturday &Sunday RUN FEES FOR VISITORS Both days the same Male beer drinkers - Bt 200 Female beer drinkers - Bt 150 Teetotallers - Bt 100 Children over 8 years – Bt 50 Children under 8 years – Free MISDIRECTION ALL DAYS will be on the website link  H2H3 Misdirections  by 3rd July 2017 or you can get on a mailing list by sending an email to cathusalem@yahoo.com  with the subject line H2H3 17th Anniversary

A commemorative T-shirt is available to pre-order and prepay by 16th June at Bt 200. See the shirt here and to order email cathusalem@yahoo.com with size(s) from S/34, M/36, L/40, XL/44, 2XL/48, with maybe special order 3XL/52. Reduced prices for two days hashing plus T-shirt are Bt 500 for male beer drinkers, Bt 400 for female beer drinkers, Bt 300 for teetotallers and Bt 200 for children all prepaid. 

Download the Flyer here:

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EuroHash Vienna 2017 May News Letter http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/163-eurohash-2017-may-news-letter http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/163-eurohash-2017-may-news-letter

Eurohash 2017

Download the Eurohash 2017 May newsletter here:


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Interhash Fiji 2018 Main Venu Announced. http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/162-interhash-fiji-2018-main-venu-announced http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/162-interhash-fiji-2018-main-venu-announced

interhash 2018 FijiBula to our Hashing Family!

Please be informed that the main venue identified and confirmed is PRINCE CHARLES PARK which is in the heart of Nadi Town

There are 4 hotels within a short walking distance of not more than 5 minutes and others scattered all around taking approx. 12 minutes in a bus or taxis which includes all of the hotels in Denarau Island, Martintar, Wailoaloa and Namaka (near the airport).

Check out the rates with our official tour agents Original Green Tour who will be happy to book your accommodation at special discounted rates for hashers.

Prince Charles Park will be the main event centre, conveniently located next to the popular market and bus stand. Shuttle Buses will be connecting all the hotels and resorts regularly at intervals of 30minutes  
Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa will remain as a back up venue for registration etc.






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Full-Ship Charter Cruise Enters Bid for InterAmerica’s Hash 2019 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/161-full-ship-charter-cruise-enters-bid-for-interamerica-s-hash-2019 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/161-full-ship-charter-cruise-enters-bid-for-interamerica-s-hash-2019

Mobile, AL May 8, 2017 – The first official bid to host the InterAmerica’s hash event was officially posted by way of Facebook on Friday, May 5th. A committee made up of Scotch H3, Babe’s Hash Cruise, and the Nassau Hash House Harriers is promoting a full-ship charter that would take hashers from a Florida port to Nassau, Bahamas for two days of trails and then spend a day at a private island in the Caribbean.

John “Babe Thruster” Richards, who has been organizing hash cruises since 1995, is heading up the project. “We want to offer something new for InterAm” Babe said, “When you buy out the entire ship, you get to make some of your own rules. In this case, we want to make an open bar beverage program available to everyone so that hashers can choose beer, wine or liquor drinks for the entire duration of the cruise. We also plan to offer a clothing optional pool and a private island experience also with open bar.” Although the ship and sail date have not been selected yet, most passenger cruise ships hold around 2,200 passengers and up. “We need to select and ship and cruise company that will fit with our program.” said Babe, “To do that, we need to get an idea of what the demand will be from the hashing community.” One way to measure that demand will be with the project’s pledge program. On June 9th (6/9) from 6:00 – 9:00 pm CST, a booking window will open up to allow hashers to book the cruise before it even goes to bid. While the group hopes to win the bid this October in Phoenix, they have made it clear that the cruise will go forward even if they don’t get the bid.

The group is also making efforts to be more inclusive with the event. “In the past, the InterAm event has sold out so quickly that many hashers in Asia, Australia and Europe haven’t had the chance to sign up.” said Babe, “We wanted to get an early start so that they get a fair chance to join us. We can adjust the size of the ship so that we can get as many hashers onboard as possible”.

For more information, go to iah2019.com

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2nd Angeles City Craft Brew Festival 30 Nov-3 Dec 2017 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/160-2nd-angeles-city-craft-brew-festival-30-nov-3-dec-2017 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/160-2nd-angeles-city-craft-brew-festival-30-nov-3-dec-2017

2nd Angeles City Craft Brew Festival 30 Nov-3 Dec 2017


The 2nd Angeles City Craft Beer Festival will be held over four days from 30 November-3 December 2017. Rumor has it that spirits will be added to the selection of craft beers this year.

Stay tuned for more details soon.


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Saigon has created its own Hashing Monster http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/159-saigon-has-created-its-own-hashing-monster http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/159-saigon-has-created-its-own-hashing-monster

Saigon has created its own Hashing Monster

It was only a question of time before the vibrant hashing community in Saigon spreaded out into new hashing ventures. It seemed like a contradiction, on one hand you have a growing number of young runners springing up from all corners and yet the hash seems to attract prevailingly a matured generation.

Saigon’s Monday Hash ultimate goal is to open up the playing fields, where the two groups can meet and challenge each other in the back streets of Saigon. For me personally, it is really all about yet another excuse to meet up, run and feel less guilty knocking down that extra beer, on a night when I had no other commitments.

On Monday 20th of February we had our first run. Not many turned up, noticeably most of the committee members who, incidentally,  were only nominated only a couple of days prior to the event, failed to turn up. Some things in hashing will never change, as did the fun we all had irrespectively.

The live trail was in a very central location and it was to everyone's surprise to discover the number of small motorbike less alleys Saigon has. Google maps certainly doesn't show them all.  So all in all the Monday Hash has started and the benchmark has been set high right from run N.1

Want to join us, these links will help.

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50 Golden Years of Hashing Down-under http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/158-50-golden-years-of-hashing-down-under http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/158-50-golden-years-of-hashing-down-under

Spring in Sydney is the very best time of the year (according to ICO chief Juan Samaranch the Sydney Olympics in September 2000 were “the best Games ever”). 

This Spring from September 19 to 25, 2017, Sydney H3 will celebrate 50 Golden Years of Hashing Australia. Six Sydney Hash clubs will host spectacular events so that everyone will experience this great city in every Hash way. Approx. $US205 gets you the lot—or Pick’n’Pay for less. Register or learn more… http://www.sydneyhash50years.com/

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Bagan Temple Marathon 2017 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/157-bagan-temple-marathon-2017 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/157-bagan-temple-marathon-2017

Dear Adventure Runner,

Today is a big day here at Albatros Adventure Marathons - registration is now open for The Bagan Temple Marathon 2017!  Multiple packages are available, as well as some exciting new additions to the itineraries! Check out all of the details below. 

Take this opportunity to book your tour and train comfortably knowing your position at the start is reserved. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy trails,
Albatros Adventure Marathons


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Phoenix Red Dress Run 2017 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/156-phoenix-red-dress-run-2017 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/156-phoenix-red-dress-run-2017

Phoenia Red Dress RunPhoenix Red Dress Run is an annual charity hash honoring the tradition of the Lady in Red. Read more about the history of Red Dress Runs here. Last year you helped us raise $5000. This year, we are raising funds for Arizona's Children Association, an organization with excellent programs to help children through hardship.


We've got gear! T-shirts AND tanks available for $10
Pickup at RDR only!
Follow our event for more details!

    Get your tickets to the show!

    We've extended our deadline for $79 regos! The cutoff for regos at this price point and guaranteed gimmes will be March 4th.

    If you've already registered, awesome! Share this with your hash bestie!

    This year's Red Dress Run will take place Friday, April 7th through Sunday, April 9th 2017.

    A few of this year's features:

    • PBR Hash 1st Analversary R*n!
    • Cirque Du Phenoix: A room to room crawl!
    • Kilt+Beer Yoga!
    • A TALENT SHOW & Prizes!
    • Tacos! Yum!
    • A Cunning Runts/Hare Club for Men hash Sunday afternoon

    We will also be giving each participant this RDR Power Duffle!

    Wondering what the heck a PBR hash, Kilt+Beer Yoga, and a Power Duffle are? Check out all the details on our public Facebook event.

    Or you could just buy a rego and trust us: Hashingtickets.com. 


    PH3 Mismanagement


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    All China Nash Hash 2017 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/155-all-china-nash-hash-2017 http://harriermagazine.com/htdocs/hm/index.php/news-articles/item/155-all-china-nash-hash-2017
    All China Nash HashThe All China Nash Hash has been happening every year since 2002, drawing Hashers from China and elsewhere to experience the rich culture of hashing in the Middle Kingdom. But there has always been a numeric discrepancy that this year will be addressed by having two Nash Hashes in one year. "Every year we have celebrated a Nash Hash in the year that was just one digit away (for example the 15th Nash Hash was celebrated in 2016)" explained Nash Hash GM John "Roomboy" Mallins, "so this year we will have two Nash Hashes, thus bringing into alignment the number of Nash Hashes with the year it is held. What's even better than bringing a certain numeric order to the proceedings for the balance of the century and beyond is the fact that Hashers in China will now get to celebrate hashing on a national scale twice this year."
    The first Nash Hash will be scheduled for March 10-12 in Chengdu. This will also coincide with the Chengdu Panda Hash kennel's 500th run, which will occur on the second day of the weekend long event. There are three Hashes scheduled over the three day weekend, one each day, with an optional Rusty Man run scheduled for Saturday morning. 
    The Rusty Man Challenge is a particularly grueling event calling for participants to drink a pint of beer, run one kilometer, drink a second pint, run a second kilometer, drink a third pint, run a third kilometer, enter a designated restaurant, have a Full English breakfast with two Bloody Mary's, get out and run a fourth kilometer, drink a fourth pint, run the fifth and last kilometer, have a fifth and final pint and then put a spoon in your mouth balancing an egg on it while running an obstacle course. The Rusty Man Challenge has never been won by a man and the list of women competitors who have won reads like an all star roster of China's finest remain Hashers. There is no reason to believe that this year's Rusty Man Challenge will be any different. A big thank you to Haggis, from the Hong Kong Hash who has organized the Rusty Man and kept the event alive as one of the more competitive (drinking) events.
    MORE INFO:   http://www.shanghai-h3.com/china-nash-hash-2017/
    innegril@hotmail.com (Jimmy Wilkins) HHH News Thu, 16 Feb 2017 07:15:18 +0000