Saigon has created its own Hashing Monster

It was only a question of time before the vibrant hashing community in Saigon spreaded out into new hashing ventures. It seemed like a contradiction, on one hand you have a growing number of young runners springing up from all corners and yet the hash seems to attract prevailingly a matured generation.

Saigon’s Monday Hash ultimate goal is to open up the playing fields, where the two groups can meet and challenge each other in the back streets of Saigon. For me personally, it is really all about yet another excuse to meet up, run and feel less guilty knocking down that extra beer, on a night when I had no other commitments.

On Monday 20th of February we had our first run. Not many turned up, noticeably most of the committee members who, incidentally,  were only nominated only a couple of days prior to the event, failed to turn up. Some things in hashing will never change, as did the fun we all had irrespectively.

The live trail was in a very central location and it was to everyone's surprise to discover the number of small motorbike less alleys Saigon has. Google maps certainly doesn't show them all.  So all in all the Monday Hash has started and the benchmark has been set high right from run N.1

Want to join us, these links will help.

Spring in Sydney is the very best time of the year (according to ICO chief Juan Samaranch the Sydney Olympics in September 2000 were “the best Games ever”). 

This Spring from September 19 to 25, 2017, Sydney H3 will celebrate 50 Golden Years of Hashing Australia. Six Sydney Hash clubs will host spectacular events so that everyone will experience this great city in every Hash way. Approx. $US205 gets you the lot—or Pick’n’Pay for less. Register or learn more…

Phoenia Red Dress RunPhoenix Red Dress Run is an annual charity hash honoring the tradition of the Lady in Red. Read more about the history of Red Dress Runs here. Last year you helped us raise $5000. This year, we are raising funds for Arizona's Children Association, an organization with excellent programs to help children through hardship.


We've got gear! T-shirts AND tanks available for $10
Pickup at RDR only!
Follow our event for more details!

Get your tickets to the show!

We've extended our deadline for $79 regos! The cutoff for regos at this price point and guaranteed gimmes will be March 4th.

If you've already registered, awesome! Share this with your hash bestie!

This year's Red Dress Run will take place Friday, April 7th through Sunday, April 9th 2017.

A few of this year's features:

  • PBR Hash 1st Analversary R*n!
  • Cirque Du Phenoix: A room to room crawl!
  • Kilt+Beer Yoga!
  • A TALENT SHOW & Prizes!
  • Tacos! Yum!
  • A Cunning Runts/Hare Club for Men hash Sunday afternoon

We will also be giving each participant this RDR Power Duffle!

Wondering what the heck a PBR hash, Kilt+Beer Yoga, and a Power Duffle are? Check out all the details on our public Facebook event.

Or you could just buy a rego and trust us: 


PH3 Mismanagement


All China Nash HashThe All China Nash Hash has been happening every year since 2002, drawing Hashers from China and elsewhere to experience the rich culture of hashing in the Middle Kingdom. But there has always been a numeric discrepancy that this year will be addressed by having two Nash Hashes in one year. "Every year we have celebrated a Nash Hash in the year that was just one digit away (for example the 15th Nash Hash was celebrated in 2016)" explained Nash Hash GM John "Roomboy" Mallins, "so this year we will have two Nash Hashes, thus bringing into alignment the number of Nash Hashes with the year it is held. What's even better than bringing a certain numeric order to the proceedings for the balance of the century and beyond is the fact that Hashers in China will now get to celebrate hashing on a national scale twice this year."
The first Nash Hash will be scheduled for March 10-12 in Chengdu. This will also coincide with the Chengdu Panda Hash kennel's 500th run, which will occur on the second day of the weekend long event. There are three Hashes scheduled over the three day weekend, one each day, with an optional Rusty Man run scheduled for Saturday morning. 
The Rusty Man Challenge is a particularly grueling event calling for participants to drink a pint of beer, run one kilometer, drink a second pint, run a second kilometer, drink a third pint, run a third kilometer, enter a designated restaurant, have a Full English breakfast with two Bloody Mary's, get out and run a fourth kilometer, drink a fourth pint, run the fifth and last kilometer, have a fifth and final pint and then put a spoon in your mouth balancing an egg on it while running an obstacle course. The Rusty Man Challenge has never been won by a man and the list of women competitors who have won reads like an all star roster of China's finest remain Hashers. There is no reason to believe that this year's Rusty Man Challenge will be any different. A big thank you to Haggis, from the Hong Kong Hash who has organized the Rusty Man and kept the event alive as one of the more competitive (drinking) events.

 ImH3 Post lube

The Phnom Penh hash house harriers will be hosting a post lube for the 18th IMH3.


 Friday Nov. 10th    –      Bar crawl

 Saturday Nov. 11th  – Train hash lunch and Khmer BBQ


 Sunday Nov. 12th   –     Recovery run

 For registration, send us an email with the following information  @  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1.  Real name and hash name

2.  Hash chapter

3.  T-shirt size











Date:10 – 12 November, 2017


Place:Phnom Penh

For more Information, visit www.p2h3.comor


Friday Nov. 10th– Bar crawl

Saturday Nov. 11th– Train hash, lunch and Khmer BBQ dinner.

Sunday Nov. 12th– Recovery run

For more information and registration send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









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