interhash 2018 fijiBula and warm greetings from Fiji.

Interhash 2018 , the 21st Anniversary of Interhash is well and truly taking shape.

We faced teething issues with regos and payments on line which is now fully operational and so far more than a thousand registered.

The committee has been working pretty hard with several important subcommittees to look at the entire 4 days event which includes the Red Dress Run.

Our website is regularly updated and will soon include pages dedicated to “who is coming”

 The new website address is

Pan Africa HashAll Hashers pre-Registered for the PAH Freetown 2015


SURPRISE! SURPRISE! We are still alive and even better, we have been sitting on your registration money for the PAH Freetown 2015 ever since. We should have thrown a big party after Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free on 9th November. Let us keep our fingers crossed and be vigilant that it stays that way! Meanwhile, hashing has resumed in Freetown after restrictions on movements in the country and in the City were lifted. So you are welcome anytime to join us!


As you know the Pan Africa Hash Freetown2015 fell victim to the Ebola Pandemic in West Africa. The 2015 event was graciously taken over by the Nairobi HHH in Malindi, Kenya. Unfortunately, none of us from the Freetown HHH could participate and subsequently the PAH 2017 was given to the wankers from Lagos. Congratulations! I guess you Lagos drunkards have to come to Freetown to collect the PAH-banners we took along from Cape Coast in 2013. We will think of some sort of punishment for you for stealing the PAH 2017 from us!


We did not throw the party after all but, instead, scratched our heads for the past couple of months to decide what to do with the booze. In fact, we have a total of US$ 10,770 US-$, GBP 350, EUR 380 and SLL 5,361,705 (appx. US$ 900).


Finally, we came up with the following options:


Option 1: We keep the money safe and you can use it as registration fee for the PAH Freetown some year between 2017 and 2050. It will collect an interest of half a %/year! Good bargain!


Option 2: We refund the money to you. In that case, we will have to charge 10% for expenses already incurred for advertisement and lots of beers during our meetings. And, of course, you would have to cover the cost of the money transfer. You probably have to send more money first to cover the transfer charges. Up to you! And we have to drink more beers to bear the hassle.


Option 3: Donate your registration fee to a local charity/NGO. We have identified the following that we know are well-respected for their good work:


1.      The Rainy Season Orphanage. It is run by one of the hashers and is a serious outfit

2.      Street Child: A British charity working for – guess what? – street children. Three years ago they started the Makeni Marathon, which is regularly populated with FHHH.

3.      Don Bosco: Another charity working with street children in Freetown.


Option 4, our favourite one and, in fact, the only sensible choice for a hasher: Donate to the “Fund for Aging Freetown Hashers”. This money would be spent on beer by Freetown Hashers above the tender age of 60 at their discretion. Guests are welcome!


We are asking that you send us an email with your choice of option. If you could do it before 2017 (or better immediately) that would be much appreciated - especially if you go for Option 3 or 4, such that we can make the donations shortly.


The Freetown2015 Organising Committee

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