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Ypao Beach, GUAM


The World Record setting GUAM BEER MILE Classic is set to run its 4th Annual race at Ypao Beach on the island of Guam this November.  Guam, the United States’ western most territory, has taken advantage of the Beer Mile popularity to increase participation in each of their three previous years. 


An Island Dimension

According to the Charlie Epperson, founder and race coordinator, it was never their intent to grow the race to world record stature.  Epperson offered, “During the first year, we wanted to celebrate the return of one of Guam’s Olympic runners who competed in London and a Beer Mile seemed liked the best way to celebrate a long season.” 

After surveying possible sites to host the event, it was clear that a beach setting would provide participants with an amazing backdrop.  The idea of dragging runners to a track for a brutal event such as the Beer Mile didn’t seem necessary since the goal wasn’t to break the speed record but to celebrate our health and wellness.  The location has stuck as the GUAM BEER MILE Classic goes into their fourth year at Ypao Beach Park in the village of Tumon. 


The race tends to be a little more difficult for competitors since they are forced to run 200 meters out and back, all on the sand, before consuming their next beer.  Last year’s event drew 81 finishers that completed the course in times ranging from 7:19 to 29:06 and a whole bunch of DNFs.


For the People

It was determined in the first year that the GUAM BEER Mile race would be ran as a fundraising event.  During the first year, the race generated over $1,500 that went to the Wounded Warriors Project, since a good segment of the participants come from military serving backgrounds.  As the second race approached, a member of the sponsoring organization, the Guam Running Club (GRC), was a victim of a brutal home invasion and the committee selected to donate money to the family to assist with travel expenses during her recovery in San Diego.  Last year, the race generated over $3,500 that was given to the GRC to promote youth athletics on Guam.  Epperson noted, “It is pretty special to turn a fun loving and good natured event such as the GUAM BEER Mile into a catalyst for promoting health and giving in our community”.  This trend will not change for 2015 as race directors have set a goal of raising $5,000 to assist their neighboring island of Saipan that is recovering from the devastating Typhoon Soudelor that struck in early August. 


World Record

While reading an article on the upcoming Beer Mile World Championships held in San Francisco, Epperson noticed that a few other races claimed to host the largest Beer Mile event.  After researching results on, it was confirmed that we surpassed the 2007 Victoria, B.C. Beer Mile race that previously held the record with 77 participants.   The expectation is to have 400 + runners complete the race in November. 


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Isle of Wight Medieval Weekend

interhash baliGetting in!  First of all there is more good news on the visa front, as the Government have just announced another 36 countries are to join the 31 previously announced for a visa free stay of up to 30 days which you receive upon arrival in Indonesia.  The additional 36 countries to be added to the list as from the middle of October 2015 (subject to change of course) are Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Greece, Iceland, India, Ireland, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, Malta, Monaco, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Suriname, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Tunisia, Turkey.  Those will be added to the existing countries of Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, USA.  If you wish to stay longer than 30-days then you can voluntarily pay the USD 35 visa on arrival. This then allows you one 30 day extension.  The port of entries for this visa facility are Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Kualanamu International Airport in Medan, Surabaya Juanda International Airport, Batam Hang Nadim International Airport. 

Registration!  As we speak the registration stands at 4287 with hashers from more than 60 different countries. The current registration fee for the period of August 2015 to January 2016 is US$225 or RM830. 

The Runs!  Some of the runsites already been uploaded on the website. There are 11 runsites: BEDUGUL- Tabanan, PEKARANGAN BATURITI - Tabanan, LAPANGAN TEMBAK SEMBUNG - Badung, BATULANTANG - Badung, SANGEH - Badung, GOA GAJAH (Elephant Caves) - Gianyar, TAMPAKSIRING - Gianyar, GOA LAWAH (Bat Caves) - Semarapura, PANTAI PADANG PADANG (famous surfing beach) - Uluwatu, PANTAI PANDAWA (famous surfing beach)- Uluwatu, NUSA PENIDA (a small island close to Bali) - Klungkung.  We must not forget the ‘Ball Breaker Run’ at Lapangan Petang (Badung Regency).  In addition the major runs, the Red Dress run will commence from IH16 HQ through the streets of Sanur, then back to HQ along the Sanur beach walk.  Before he passed away KuntFoo asked me to please repeat at IH2016 the Old Farts Run we did during the Asia Pacific hash in Bali in 2014 as he had enjoyed it so much. So true to my word we will have ‘KuntFoo’s Old Farts Run’ in his memory. That beer stroll will be on the Sunday at 3pm around Sanur and there will be numerous beer stops.  Due to the popularity of the Full Moon run on the Monday after the official weekend after Borobudur, we will be holding a special run that you can register for when you arrive in Bali. Run fee will include circle beer, softies and a t-shirt.

IH2016 HQ!  For complete nostalgia we have chosen the same HQ as Bali Interhash 1988, the Grand Bali Beach in Sanur, a 20 minute drive from the airport.  The hotel has a large registration area and lots of swimming pools so bring you bathing costume as you will be able to have a swim after the runs. The hotel also has a great beach bar which I know will be very popular. As in Borobudur we have negotiated hasher friendly prices on drinks.  There is plenty of room outside the hotel for the buses to the runs so you won’t have to walk far.  With regards to the stage party venue, you will find that directly in front of the hotel beachside. Whoreator may correct me if I’m wrong, but it may be the first Interhash with a beachside stage.  There will be a bazaar area and the hotel are charging US$60 per booth for the whole week of the event (Tuesday to Monday). We can organize a booth for you with the hotel. Email us. 

The Down Down Competition!  The wooden female Down Down trophy (a woman’s bust) sits in my house much to the amusement of my son and the Men’s Down Down trophy (a giant wooden penis) is still in Magalang and will be shipped (very carefully) to Bali. The drinking vessel (a giant pewter mug) was lovingly polished and restored and returned to its rightful owner, the Bangkok Hash House Harriettes.  I have been told by good sources that it will be brought down to Bali by our hash friends from Bangkok HHH.  We will be asking The Penguin, Garfield, Mr. Mgoo and Chesty to officiate as they did so wonderfully in Borobudur.  If you want to pre register for this event then email us. 

Hash Acts!  We only have the one so far, the always entertaining Hamersley HHH (come on you Perth Harriettes), so we are looking for more acts. Email us. 

Other entertainment!  To begin most of the evenings we will feature some nice cultural dances and acts. We have the Hard Rock Bali band we used at Borobudur that everyone enjoyed and some surprise stage dance groups to spice up the night.  As another nod to Bali Interhash 1988, we have an idea to burn an Ogah Ogah (paper mache statue) as it’s also very Balinese and very nice to watch.  At Asia Pacific Hash in Bali we broke the Guinness book of World Records for the most masseurs ever gathered together in one place, we are planning to do something but more news on the next update.  Not so much entertainment but a possible happening, word is that the President will come to open the event, so we are still thinking of a Presidents run. This may be a bit last minute as at Borobudur as the President’s schedule changes by the day. We’ll keep you updated on this. 

Hash Pubs!  We have some great hasher friendly pubs for you check out. They will be listed in the Magazine. 

What’s in the Bag B*tch?  Another solid backpack with all the right pouches and compartments will include (so far, as this is not the final list) a great list of souvenirs including two T-shirts, Sarong, Mug, Nail Clippers in the shape of a foot (everyone needs one of them!) Flip Flops (Sandals) Patch and a carry friendly IH magazine. 

Other Stuff!  We will strive to have the IH16 Magazine online for you at least one month before IH2016 so you can read all you need to know about the event before you leave home.  My hash friends in Bandung are almost ready to announce the Interhash Train Pre Lube ‘The Great Java Train Rumble’.  They are the same team who organized ‘Son of the Great Train Rumble’ prior to Borobudur. Numbers will be limited to 200. Basically it’s Jakarta - Bandung - Malang (Bromo). As soon as they give me an email address to register we will send out a e-flash to you and put it on the website. 

Bidders for 2018!  The bidders so far are only Fiji and Kuching.  So come on you hash clubs out there, are you up for the challenge? Come on Europe, China, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand. 

The last date to be able to register as a candidate for the Interhash 2018 vote is 31st December 2015

More info here:

On On, 
Vice Chairman II

Welcome boys and girls of the Hash! 
YH3 is excited to host the madness that is the Mekong Indochina Hash XVII.  We are working tirelessly to bring you endless entertainment during your weekend of drinking, running and bad singing here in Yangon. Truth be told, we are really just drinking a lot of beer and pretending to plan, but I am sure it will just work itself out in the end.  
A couple of announcements as we enter the final month of prep:
1. Schedule of events is up with real times.  Check out the page on the site.
2. As is the tradition, we will have spots for talent!  If you and your crew want to prepare a skit for our enjoyment, email me so I can put you on the schedule of events.  
3. If have registered recently, make sure you pay asap. 
4. A few spot are still left.  If your friend register after October 15th, we will not be able to provide them with a t-shirt that will fit. 
On On to the Mekong!
Fun Size Kit Kat and the Mekong Committee

Running under the influence: Australian sets new world record in Beer Mile

Published time: 8 Aug, 2015 03:43Edited time: 8 Aug, 2015 03:46
beer mile
While alcohol and sports do not usually make a good team, running while drinking beer has actually become a competition of its own: Ahead of the Beer Mile World Classic competition, an Australian has set a new record covering the one mile distance in four minutes minutes and 56.2 seconds.

Twenty-five-year-old Josh Harris, who had been running and drinking since reaching the legal age, has been training furiously to beat the previous 4:57 minute record, set over a year ago by James ‘The Beast’ Nielsen.

“It has really been a big week of training both running and in terms of beer training,” Harris said in a video before his record-setting attempt.

Having placed four 355 ml 5 percent beer bottles on the track’s bench, he gracefully consumed one bottle before each lap during quick pit stops for the ice-cold refreshment. Four laps and 1.42 liters of beer later, he made history clocking in 4:56:02 seconds.

The Beer Mile, already confirmed the achievement, calling it “as smooth as a freshly shorn Australian sheep calf.”

“Josh ‘Sir Fundamentals’ Harris set a new World Record in Australia, besting James Nielsen, equaling James Hansen,” the organization said in a Facebook post.


Harris, after the run attributed his success to the intensity of training, beer quality, and most of all his stomach which handled the alcohol prevented the 25-year-old from puking.

“It's something I've been working on for a few weeks now,” he told Sports Illustrated.

“Training has included 3 shorter interval sessions (200-400m) with beer recovery in the final set. I’ve also been drinking one beer per night at top speed, and on a Sunday after my long run, eating as much food as I can with a beer to finish once I'm close to puking.”

To set world record under the official Beer Mile rules, the runner must consume 355 ml beer for each of the four laps on a 400-meter track. Beer’s alcohol content must be five percent or higher. What is absolutely forbidden is vomiting.

The Australian now plans to represent his country at the Beer Mile World Classic competitions in San Francisco later this month. There he hopes to set an even faster time.



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