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December 12 – 14, 2014

Phuket Hash House Harriers Reaches Another Milestone
Run #1500

PH3 invites all Hashers to join us for 3 days of drinking, 2 days of running & a whole lotta fun.

Schedule of Events

Friday 12 Dec

PH3 HQ @ Expat Bar / Restaurant

  • 16:00 - 21:00 Registration
  • 19:00 Free Buffet & Live Music
  • Welcome All Hashers

Saturday 13 Dec

HHH Run #1500

  • 14:00 Buses depart from Expat
  • 15:00 Run Start
  • 16:30 - 18:00 Circle
  • 18:30 Relocate to On-on venue
  • 20:30 Return to Expat

Sunday 14 Dec

Pooying Run #296

  • 14:00 Buses depart from Expat
  • 15:00 Run Start
  • 16:30 Thai Buffet
  • 17:00 Circle
  • 18:30 Return to Expat


Registration Options

Registration Package A

800 THB

  • Friday night free Buffet & Live Music
  • Saturday Transportation to/from Run Site
  • Commerative Run Shirt
  • Saturday On-On Buffet near Run Site
  • Sunday Transportation to/from Run Site
  • Pooying Run
  • Pooying Buffet

Registration Package B

500 THB

  • Friday night free Buffet & Live Music
  • Saturday Transportation to/from Run Site
  • Commerative Run Shirt
  • On-On Buffet near Run Site

Registration Package C 
Pay As You Go & 
get there on your own...

  • Friday night free Buffet & Live Music
  • Saturday on-site registration: 60 THB, includes shirt & buffet [100 THB if you don't have a hash name yet]
  • Sunday on-site registration: 300 THB, includes buffet

Map to Expat Hotel

What is the Pooying Hash?

Registrations - executive decision time.  NO MORE TRANSFERS.  If you cannot come to the event then we will refund your registration fee using PayPal. We know that this move may be unpopular but the reason for this is simple; the event is oversubscribed and there have been people on the waiting list for over six months.  It is only fair that we give those people a chance to come.  So, registrations are no longer transferable to others.  We will refund until one month before the event.  If anyone has a problem with this policy, please click here to go to our customer service department.

Wiang Inn Hotel - is FULLY BOOKED.  There are lots of other hotels in town - many within walking distance of the Wiang Inn. 
Friday night entertainment - we will have entertainment on Friday night at the party.  If there are any hashes/hashers who want to get up on the stage with a song or skit - please let us know as soon as you can.
Other events in Thailand - not exactly a pre-lube but if you are around in early October, you are welcome to the Pattaya Jungle Hash 300th run on October 3/4/5 -

On2 - see you in October
The Angeles City Hash (ACH3) will celebrate 36 years of hashing on the 17th of August 2014. 
Registration will be at  Margarita Station from 1300 hrs, and transportation will leave at 1430 hrs.
The Run Fees will be (approximately) Men 600 Pesos and Women 400 Pesos.
There will be an Anniversary Shirt , and plenty of cold beer, sodas and juice.  
The hares will be Saput, Surfboard, Kuntstuble, & Pancake.  

The trail will be very scenic, and you will see many outstanding views from the top of the mountains near Clark! For those who like a challenge, the Long Trail is guaranteed to give you just that!

Come and enjoy an outstanding afternoon out in the countryside, but do bring an umbrella or rain coat , as we are in the rainy season!    
For more information check out website
Or our Angeles City Hash House Harriers Facebook page.
or contact Rusty Nail at: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

indochina mekong hashWith just over three months to go we are sending out this news update to all registered Hashers.  Please take the time to read this information as some of it may affect you.  We hope to answer all questions that people have recently asked about the event.


1.  * Thailand Military Coup - this has not affected our event in any way.  There is no curfew and things are normal as far as the Hashing world is concerned.  There is no need to worry about anything!

2.  * Visas - one of the reasons that we asked your nationality is so that we can check to make sure if you need a visa or not to enter Thailand.  From what we can see, everybody should be able to get into the country either visa - free or visa on entry.  Please note that for those people who stated their nationality as "Pom", "Blittis", "Hasher", “Citizen of the World” and “Mother Hash” we suggest that you check directly with the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see if a visa is necessary.

3.  * Responsibilities – usual Hash protocol applies.  You come Hashing at your own risk and the organizers are not responsible for anything.  You know how it works. 

4.  * Registrations – registrations are now closed.  If you cannot make it there are two options – transfer your registration to another Hasher and advise us of your actions – we need to hear from both parties to put this into place.  Please note that we cannot guarantee t-shirt/jacket sizes for anyone accepting a transfer.  The second option is a refund of $100 per person (the difference covers PayPal charges both ways) – we can offer this up to one month before the event. 

5.   * Accommodation – please do not forget that hotel/guest house bookings are your responsibility and are not included in the price.  The official hotel, the Wiang Inn still has some rooms available, for details, please visit our website – see below.  If you do plan to stay in town, please ensure that you are not too far away from the Wiang Inn.  Check the map of where your hotel is located as some are far outside town.

6.  * Getting to Chiang Rai – it’s “Rai” not “Mai” as in “Chiang Rai”.  They are both in the north of Thailand, they both have airports and the one you want is CEI.  We already have once case of a bright spark booking flights to the wrong airport!  You are responsible for getting to Chiang Rai and the Wiang Inn.  If you are coming by air there are clearly marked transportation options from the airport including taxi and shared van.  By busthere are tuktuks available into town at the bus station(s). If you are smart enough to come overland from Laos via the new Friendship Bridge then you don't need any advice from us.

7. * Pre and Post Lubes - 

Vietnam Nash Hash, Nha Trang – 24-6 October “This is going to be a weekend of partying at the Beach, on Islands, in the Ocean, in the Countryside and at our Sponsors clubs. Oh… and there will be some brilliant runs and walks in the amazing hinterlands of Nha Trang Bay.  Attendance will be capped at 150 Hashers”.

Chiang Mai Happy Hash – Thursday 30th October - More details to follow

Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers – Monday 3rd November - More details to follow

Mekong Indochina Full Moon Hash – Monday 3rd November - As per tradition.  Bobo will be organising a Full Moon Hash in Chiang Rai on the Monday after the event – signup in Chiang Rai when you sign in for the main event.

Please note that all pre-post lubes are independent of the main event.  We can't help with reservations, regos, money or anything else as you know know as much as we do!


8. * Schedule – the planned schedule is as follows:

Friday Afternoon – Registration from midday at the Wiang Inn – sign in and pick up your goody bag.

Friday evening – Opening reception at the Wiang Inn Poolside – time to be advised.  Drinks - Beer, wine and soft drinks, heavy snacks and entertainment. 

Saturday Afternoon – walk, medium, long and ball breaker runs – drinking, circle on site and sit down dinner at a local restaurant.  Transport back to the Wiang Inn.

Sunday morning – GM's meeting,  Hangover Run with BBQ lunch and circle on site time to be advised.  Sunday will end mid afternoon to allow people to get away.  Transport back to the Wiang Inn.


The registration and all events will take place or start from the Wiang Inn in the middle of town. 


9.  * Free trial subscription to Harrier Magazine!


All registered Hashers are entitled to three free months trial subscription to Harrier Magazine


10.  * Useful links:


Map:  Google maps showing key places – this will be updated regularly – right now it just shows the location of the Wiang Inn.  Later on we will be adding places to eat and drink and other points of interest for Hashers.,99.8114428,14z/data=!4m2!6m1!1szlaGTB6yPXLE.kopwbyCHph8w


Main Website:


That’s it – we will put out another newsflash later the date - We look forward to seeing you in Chiang Rai! 




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