First time Pan Asia Hash to be hosted in Pondicherry, India this September 2015.


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Sash “Lord Krishna” Varma



  Time: March 27, 2015 at 12pm to March 29, 2015 at 4pm
State/Province: California
Posted By: Cheek-a-Boo

Event Description:
Link to Rego or you can get it on
Hash Central:
Comfort Inn Palm Springs Downtown 390 S Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 778-3699
Room rate is $159.16 (Already includes tax) for Fri, 3/27, and Sat, 3/28. They will charge your credit card for 1st night's stay but they will refund you if you cancel within 10 days of check-in. Includes full hot breakfast.
Strangely Awesome Giveaway Item(s),
FRIDAY: Noonish, Ceremonial tapping of the 1st keg 6pm: Hares Off! Lingerie Run + Dinner, Music and Dancing to the sounds of world famous, The Hash Band. LINGERIE IS MANDATORY!!
SATURDAY: Poolside Drinking, Opening Ceremonies, Afternoon Hash + Dinner, Skits, Music and Dinner, Music and Dancing to the throbbing rhythms of DJ, Flashpants.
SUNDAY: Morning Hangover Hash + On-On-On (w/sumptuous lunch)
Beer? Of course there is a plethora of beer the entire weekend!!
REGISTER EARLY: (Don’t let your dollars slip away) Postmarked before January 31st, 2015 ................ $110.00
Postmarked before February 28th ........................ $145.00
Postmarked after February 28th-through BFR
(You’re SOL) .......................................................... $185.00
(If you must cancel, do it before 2-28-15 for full refund)
Rego form and updates can be found on
GOT A SKIT?: Bring yer props and talk to someone who looks like they're in charge.
Also, there is usually a good size fun group who go up on Thursday night to pre-lube and party.
If you are unlucky to not get a room at the Hash Hotel here are some options:
Within 4 Blocks: Motel 6: 760 320-4191
Best Western: 760 325-4372
Palm Mountain Resort: 760 325-1301
Hilton: 760 320-6868

See more details and RSVP on HashSpace:

H A S H E R S!

    We regret to finally announce that the Pan Africa Hash 2015 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, has fallen victim to the Ebola Virus Disease Pandemic in West Africa. After monitoring the situation over the last few months, we have come to the conclusion that it will not be possible to host the PAH in 2015. While there are hopeful signs of getting the EVD under control in some of the worst hit districts in the country the situation in Freetown proper and the surrounding Western Area and a few other districts are still not safe.

    So far we have more than 160 registrations for the PAH2015.

    We propose the following:

    The Freetown HHH will host the PAH 2017. We keep the registrations we received for the Freetown PAH 2015. For hashers who will not be able to come in 2017 we will make arrangements to sell registrations as soon as new registrations come in. For those, who wish to withdraw immediately we will reimburse the registration fee at 90% minus the cost of money transfer. This is because we have already spent money on preparations and promotional activities.

    This opens up the opportunity for other African HHH kernels to step in to host the PAH2015 at a suitable time in 2015.
    We regret the inconveniences and ask all hashers to bear with us.
    ON! ON! PAH 2015! Please, come forward to step in!

    On behalf of the PAH 2015 cum 2017 Organizing Committee

    Pepper Dokta


The main Hashes in South India - Bangalore Hash, Hyderabad Hash and the Madras Hash - all started in 1990.  A few years ago, each of the the three hashes celebrated their 20th anniversary individually with great aplomb, with many of us attending all 3 events.

This time for the Silver Jubilee in 2015, the three Hashes are planning to get together for a grand celebration of Hashing.  This is the first time that so many Hashers from India will be mismanaging a huge event.
The Silver Jubilee Celebration of Hashing in South India will be a 3 night - 4 day weekend.  One day and night mismanaged by each of the three Hashes and the whole event put together jointly.  If each of them can pull off memorable Nash Hashes, can you imagine what chaos their combined effort will result in?
It is now time to Register.  Early Bird Regos will be kept open till end 2014.  The warn ins from the earlier "Save the Date" mailers has been overwhelming.  Madras Hashers who no longer live in Chennai, and those who attended Nash Hashes at Araku and Vythiri, account for a hundred of them.  If we add the regular Hashers from India, the total number will shoot up. We want to keep our event cosy, with hard core hashers who have bonded with each other over the years, and we will keep the numbers to a level where Mismanagement will not be crazy.  Regos will close as soon as someone swoons and says “This is more than we can handle”.
Visit or more specifically, to Register.
Venue: The best place to stay in Kodaikanal.  Fully booked for Hashers.
Overflows will be accommodated in a nearby resort of equal standard.
Tip: Register asap to be where the action is.
Dates: Aug 6 - 9, 2015.  Lunch to lunch. 4 days - 3 nights.
Rego includes:
Stay plus all you can eat and all the beer you can drink. On all days.
4 Runs.  3 Parties.  Skits, gaiety, laughter.  Specially designed cuisine.
Rego: US$ 199, if you register in 2014.  Single supplement, $99 extra.
or Rs 12,500 for twin share, Rs 18,500 for single stay,
Horrors at Rs 6000 (with bed) and Rs 3000 w/o bed
Early Bird: Till end 2014
Regos close: 1st quarter of 2015 at a substantially higher Rego rate.
Eligibility: You need to be a hard core hasher.  Your mother hash has to be proud of you.
On On
MH3 Mismanagement
on behalf of the three
Mother Hashes of South India

For more options, visit this group at


    On the weekend 17/18 January, 2015 - Nha Trang Hash House Harriers (NTH3) is celebrating it 100th run combined with its 2nd anniversary.    Neither milestones fall exactly on these dates… but hey its HHH and near enough is good enough!!!!!

    The Committee is planning:

    ·       Saturday night dinner with live music

    ·       Sunday (morning/time to be confirmed) Run/Walk with light lunch and normal unlimited Hash Drinks to follow

    Lock the weekend into your busy calendars……  its going to be fun and affordable!!!!     More details regarding price and timing to follow:

    Every Sunday(except when we have a very special event)  walks & runs
    register from 2.30 pm; depart 3pm

    Patrick Wine Bar
    3/3 Tran Quang Khai Street
    Nha Trang

    BUM BAGS                              …… 150,000 VND                BIG SIZES ARE NOW HERE AND THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

    VARIOUS T-SHIRTS                …… 150,000 VND

    NASH HOUSE T-SHIRTS       …… 200,000                           SMALL AND BIG, DIFFERENT COLOURS & STYLE

    NH3 BASEBALL CAPS               ….. 80,000 VND                                                            ORANGE, RED or BLACK

    PATCHES                                     ….. 40,000 VND                SEW THE NTH3 LOGO ON WHATEVER YOU LIKE

    Hareline – Up-Coming Runs / Walks




    Where / What






    Sunday 30 November

    GOOD TO GO knows who the HARES are

    Mediumfitness level required.

    Beautiful countryside. gardens, rivers, hills,

    Mixture of on-road/off-road, walking or running. Ability to complete Approximately 7 km distance in 1.5 hours. Wear strong walking/running shoes and clothes for exercising, hat – NO high-heels.  Hint!!....Bring change of shoes and clothes to change into after the run... just in case you get wet, muddy and/or dusty…… get the picture!!!????


    Sunday 7 December

    DOSAGE and FKW... Maybe RABBIT

    Say Hello to the gorgeous GOOD TO GO.    She will help you to commence your career as a HASH HARE.  If you are an experienced HARE wanting to book a run, then GOOD TO GO is waiting for you!!!!!!!!!



    This could be YOU!!!!!!!

    Say Hello to the gorgeous GOOD TO GO.    She will help you to commence your career as a HASH HARE.  If you are an experienced HARE wanting to book a run, then GOOD TO GO is waiting for you!!!!!!!!!

    You Too Can be a HARE…..speak with the Trail Mistress -  GOOD TO GO


    How Much Does It Cost?

    Run / Walk and Drinks / Snacks at Circle

    Expats and other foreigners:   120,000 VND

    Local Vietnamese:                    60,000 VND




    Nha Trang H3 Combined 100th Run and 2nd Anniversary


    - Saturday night 17th January - Dinner then live music and dancing

    - Sunday 18th January 2014- Time to be confirmed -  Run/Walk followed by light lunch and Hash drinks.

    Pricing and more details to follow soon!


    RUN 95

    52 Hashers braved this event.

    Let’s face it; Good to Go, the hare-raiser really should have known better! How on earth did she come to allow Till Fingerer and Booty Call to set the hash together again?  Regulars will recall their previous debacle where they started the trail across a treacherous ravine swollen with water from the recent monsoon and were surprised when the bus driver refused to risk life and limb to take us there.  Add to that the fact that they have recently ’come out ’as being in love and the scene is set for disaster!

    In fairness, at least on this occasion we were able to get to the start point. This time the hares had decided that the good point for a starting circle was the middle of a three way intersection with motor-bikes buzzing us from all directions. Little were we to realise that being buzzed by motor bikes would, in fact be the theme for this week’s Hash. Booty Call made a valiant attempt to impart instructions for following the trail although he was somewhat hampered by having no chalk or paper to demonstrate. He made the best of a bad job by scratching an arrow in the dirt with his fingernail and shredding a rather manky looking tissue which he produced from the front of his shorts. Till Fingerer translated into Vietnamese and then scolded Booty Call soundly for not having disposed of the tissue as clinical waste. However, once they realised that everyone had become more concerned with dodging motor bikes than listening to anything  they had to say, the ON ON was called.

    Walkers went left and runners steamed away to the right and off into the far distance. The walking route took us along a busy thoroughfare with locals selling their wares by the street side and various dogs, kids and motor cycles sharing the remainder of the street with the hashers, most of whom were now in fear of their lives. After a while, we reached the rickety bridge, again shared with motor cyles angrily hooting at the poor Hashers. So bad did the situation become that several hashers leapt into the river in order to prevent their days ending as Vietnamese road kill!

    Once over the bridge, things calmed down a little and Hashers were able to relax and enjoy the riverside walk with only occasional need to jump into the hedge. As the walkers wandered along the riverside, they became aware of that unmistakable stench that haunts every Hash. Yes, the runners were approaching from the rear. Dripping with sweat, blood, tears and various other bodily fluids, the runners trudged past the walkers on a haze of flies, dung beetles and the occasional scarab beetle. Over the railway, a quick hairpin right and soon we all came to the drink stop. Welcome relief for all, as the day had turned out to be surprisingly hot.

    After an enjoyable rest, the Hashers set off again, this time free of all traffic, in fact not just free of traffic but free of life as we climbed up through an extensive graveyard. Most Hashers took the time to book a spot as they realised that the second half of the run was likely to as fraught with danger as the first half. And they were not wrong. We descended down a steep path from the graveyard into a village and then onto the Thap Ba road where motor cycles were joined by cars, taxis, vans, trucks, lorries, buses, coaches and the occasional pantechnicon. For a couple of miles intrepid hashers again took on the traffic and, miraculously, all got through unscathed. A sharp left took us up a hem above the main road north out of Nha Trang with another welcome opportunity to relax. Not for long though! Soon we emerged onto the main road and all enjoyed a game of chicken as we followed the ever-diminishing arrows towards the beach. Finally, we emerged onto the beach road to the welcome sight of the bus and the bus driver arguing with a Very Important Man In Uniform about or right to park in a space designed to hold the entire Pegas bus fleet.

    Several Hashers were seen to kiss the ground as they arrived although it was uncertain whether they were thanking their God for deliverance or just stumbling drunk after the drink stop. In accordance with Hash tradition whistles were wetted and salad and baguette consumed. A vague circle formed round the bag of ice and the hares were duly chastised for their shitty run. Newcomers were welcomed, leavers were given a rousing ‘fuck off’ and various miscreants were iced for crimes including private parties and being French.

    With night drawing in, enough was enough and the weary Hashers packed the eskies onto the bus before adjourning to the Watering Hole where the Hash Diehards looked each other in the eyes and asked, silently, ‘Why the fuck do we bother..?’ ON ON...


         Grand Master

    Grand Mistress

    Stand in Grand Master

    Stand in Grand Mistress


    Honey Trap

    Cunstabble Pantless


    Dave Lowe

    Chiquita Mossman


    Maureen Daniels

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    0169-782 9745


    094-896 1726


    Religious Advisor

    Sandy Crack
    Stray Cat

    Steve Stackhouse
    Alex Myers

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    Hash Trash / Scribe / H’dasher


    Maureen Daniels

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    Hash Cash

    Dick Fromage
    Andy Capp

    Michel Peltz
    Darcy Phelps

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    0126-420 7945

    Brew Master

    Stand in Brew Master

    Andy Capp

    Dingo/Arse Doctor

    Darcy Phelps

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    Hash Softy

    NO INTEREST + Andy Capp

    Giang Trinh


    Trail Master / Hare Razor

    Good to Go


    0122-546 8948

    Hash IT / Geek

    Knob Doctor

    Greg Scragg

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    Hash Crash


    Chau Ngo Anh Nhan

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    Hash Food

    Pickle Dick + Mirror

    Troim + Leenu Treumuth

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    Hash Flashes

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    Hash Environment

    Just “Khanh”



    Choir Master

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    Harold Mossman

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    Hash PR

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    Hash Welcome

    Honey Trap
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    Chiquita Mossmann
    Harold Mossmann

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    Hash List

    Cheap Date


    0164-813 6915


    Disclaimer: By agreeing to take part in Nha Trang Hash House Harriers activity you are, by definition, an irresponsible moron with a drastically reduced number of brain cells. On the basis that even you must have occasional moments of lucidity and are of at least a half-way sound mind, you must understand that the MisManagement Committee, consisting of members who are at least as irresponsible as you, will accept no liability for anything (and we mean ANYTHING!) happening to you during the course of this event. Death, disability, disfigurement, animal attacks, disease (sexually, zoologically transmitted or otherwise) and any other disasters that may befall your dumb ass are your problem, not ours.

    Hashing, especially as practiced by Hashers, is a dangerous pastime, and you do it entirely at your own risk. But then you knew that already, and you've somehow survived this far, against the odds.

    You acknowledge that you are a legal adult and can hurt yourself if you like.

    You are also reminded that excessive consumption of alcohol may impair your vision, hamper your ability to drive motor vehicles and operate power tools and adversely affect your ability to walk and talk. It may even render you comatose and lead you to fall asleep in some unlikely places. You may find yourself suddenly and unexpectedly attracted to members of the opposite sex, some who may prove to be exceptionally unattractive, or even of the same sex, when you wake up next to them the following morning.

    You acknowledge that you are a legal adult and can hurt yourself if you like.

    This event is also guaranteed to cause you to recount jokes that no-one else finds even the least bit amusing, and otherwise bore the pants off anyone who is not as drunk/pissed as you are. Do also remember that anything lewd, bizarre or stupid that you say or do during the hash, whether under the influence of alcohol or otherwise, will almost certainly be recorded on tape, camera, video or some form of digital media and may be used to blackmail and/or ridicule you for the rest of your life. You are responsible for your own actions and will not hold NTH3, or for that matter the activity of hashing accountable.

    Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

    NTH3 MisManagement



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