Welcome boys and girls of the Hash! 
YH3 is excited to host the madness that is the Mekong Indochina Hash XVII.  We are working tirelessly to bring you endless entertainment during your weekend of drinking, running and bad singing here in Yangon. Truth be told, we are really just drinking a lot of beer and pretending to plan, but I am sure it will just work itself out in the end.  
A couple of announcements as we enter the final month of prep:
1. Schedule of events is up with real times.  Check out the page on the site. http://yangonmekonghash.com/schedule-of-events/
2. As is the tradition, we will have spots for talent!  If you and your crew want to prepare a skit for our enjoyment, email me so I can put you on the schedule of events.  
3. If have registered recently, make sure you pay asap. 
4. A few spot are still left.  If your friend register after October 15th, we will not be able to provide them with a t-shirt that will fit. 
On On to the Mekong!
Fun Size Kit Kat and the Mekong Committee


Running under the influence: Australian sets new world record in Beer Mile

Published time: 8 Aug, 2015 03:43Edited time: 8 Aug, 2015 03:46
beer mile
While alcohol and sports do not usually make a good team, running while drinking beer has actually become a competition of its own: Ahead of the Beer Mile World Classic competition, an Australian has set a new record covering the one mile distance in four minutes minutes and 56.2 seconds.

Twenty-five-year-old Josh Harris, who had been running and drinking since reaching the legal age, has been training furiously to beat the previous 4:57 minute record, set over a year ago by James ‘The Beast’ Nielsen.

“It has really been a big week of training both running and in terms of beer training,” Harris said in a video before his record-setting attempt.

Having placed four 355 ml 5 percent beer bottles on the track’s bench, he gracefully consumed one bottle before each lap during quick pit stops for the ice-cold refreshment. Four laps and 1.42 liters of beer later, he made history clocking in 4:56:02 seconds.

The Beer Mile, already confirmed the achievement, calling it “as smooth as a freshly shorn Australian sheep calf.”

“Josh ‘Sir Fundamentals’ Harris set a new World Record in Australia, besting James Nielsen, equaling James Hansen,” the organization said in a Facebook post.


Harris, after the run attributed his success to the intensity of training, beer quality, and most of all his stomach which handled the alcohol prevented the 25-year-old from puking.

“It's something I've been working on for a few weeks now,” he told Sports Illustrated.

“Training has included 3 shorter interval sessions (200-400m) with beer recovery in the final set. I’ve also been drinking one beer per night at top speed, and on a Sunday after my long run, eating as much food as I can with a beer to finish once I'm close to puking.”

To set world record under the official Beer Mile rules, the runner must consume 355 ml beer for each of the four laps on a 400-meter track. Beer’s alcohol content must be five percent or higher. What is absolutely forbidden is vomiting.

The Australian now plans to represent his country at the Beer Mile World Classic competitions in San Francisco later this month. There he hopes to set an even faster time.



Registration Resumed for Mekong Indochina Hash 2015


Time to Register


For those of you nonMekongers who are anxiously awaiting registration, the wait is over!


Open registration has resumed.


July 22nd: The price went up.


IMPORTANT: If you have registered but not paid, you will have to pay the higher cost starting July 22nd.


For more information:


http://yangonmekonghash.com/ or stay tuned for the latest HHH News on www.HarrierMagazine.com/.

German Nash Hash
German Nash Hash 2016 in Dusseldorf


The Combined Rhine Area Pack H3 (CRAP H3) will host German Nash Hash 17-19 June 2016 in Dusseldorf. The city is home to the longest bar in the world, and 300 bars within 1 Km including seven breweries. The is venue on the Rhine River and is easily accessed by air, train or car.


The ealy bird price is 149 Euros (first 30 regos only). The base price is 179 Euros until 30 November 2015. The cost is 209 Euros until 28 February 2016. Late comers pay 239 Euros until 15 May 2016.


Supplement: + 20 Euros for 2-bed room, + 50 Euros for single room. T

The venue accommodates 200 beds.


More information: www.craph3.com or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Copenhagen H3 Hosts Danish Nash Hash 2016


When: Cum and join the Copenhagen Viking Wankers for the fifth Danish Nash Hash 8-10 July 2016.


Where: Sunny Helsingor on the North East coast of Sjelland, Denmark. We’ll be taking over a hostel right on the coast, just on the edge of town with views of Hamlet’s castle and across to Sweden only 4.5K away (danhostelhelsingor.dk).


Getting there is easy with direct trains to Copenhagen every 20 minutes with a travel time of 45 minutes.


What do I get? Two night’s accommodation including linen, food on Friday, 3 meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday, all the beer you want (wine and softies too) from Friday registration until Sunday lunchtime. Great trails, great company and the famous Viking Wankers nurses in the circle!


Registration opens soon. Find out more at www.nashhash.dk


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