Saigon has created its own Hashing Monster

09 March 2017

Saigon has created its own Hashing Monster

It was only a question of time before the vibrant hashing community in Saigon spreaded out into new hashing ventures. It seemed like a contradiction, on one hand you have a growing number of young runners springing up from all corners and generic zithromax yet the hash seems to attract prevailingly a matured generation.

Saigon’s Monday Hash ultimate goal is to open up the playing fields, where the two groups can meet and challenge each other in the back streets of Saigon. For me personally, it is really all about yet another excuse to meet up, run and feel less guilty knocking down that extra beer, on a night when I had no other commitments.

On Monday 20th of February we had our first run. Not many turned up, noticeably most of the committee members who, incidentally,  were only nominated only a couple of days prior to the event, failed to turn up. Some things in hashing will never change, as did the fun we all had irrespectively.

The live trail was in a very central location and it was to everyone's surprise to discover the number of small motorbike less alleys Saigon has. Google maps certainly doesn't show them all.  So all in all the Monday Hash has started and the benchmark has been set high right from run N.1

Want to join us, these links will help.

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