Vietnam Nash Hash 2017 Nha Trang Update

03 December 2016

We have less than 4 months to go until our 4th Anniversary weekend.The Vietnam Gms got together and generic prescription viagra agreed to make it Nash Hash as well - so we have a double-whammy lined up for you.

Saigon Hash is making the best buy viagra weekend their official run and we will be overrun with people from "The South". Pattaya is set to come in large numbers and we have a big contingent of Australians lined up particularly from Brisbane. In addition there are lots of Hashers from all over the world planning to come.

Due to our initial problems with Paypal we switched to other payment options. That is working well except many of you haven't actually made your payments yet - or if you have they are not showing up in the designated places.

Western Union payments have been coming through but only if you send me the code (a series of numbers/letters) which is given to you when you make the payment. We need this code to access the funds. I contact the payer as soon as that happens. Others have paid into Westpac and I have confirmed them on the website. Payments into the buy cheap viagra Vietnam bank account are usually accompanied by an Sms so if you have paid this way please check your status on the website and contact me if your payment isn't showing up. All the above are easy-fixes!! Remain calm and breath deeple if your payment isn't showing yet.

We will start sending you updates of what to expect in Nha Trang. One thing you can be sure of is that we will go all out to give you a great weekend of Hashing.


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