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Hash House HarriersIN THIS ISSUE: April 2017:

If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.
-James Baldwin

Besides providing news about HHH events around the world, one of the missions of Harrier Magazine is preserving the history of the Hash House Harriers. As hash members grow older and cheap viagra for sale pass on to that great hash trail in the sky, terrific tales and faded memories of our glorious past will surely be lost unless they are preserved for new generations who carry on the traditions of the hash.

In the April edition of Harrier Magazine, Howard ‘Dances with Dogs” McKay reveals the inside story of how the viagra online canada first Interhash came to be in Hong Kong in 1978. Surely nothing as grandiose  as Interhash as we know it today can boast of such unabashed and unlikely beginnings. Africa correspondent Head Mistress joins forces with HHHiggins to trace the beginnings of Pan Africa Hash from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1996 to this year’s event in Lagos, Nigeria.  And HHHiggins reveals how a strong team of co-conspirators, fueled by the beers of Belgium, came together for the fabled Brussels Beer Odyssey of 2014.

Tumbling Bill Panton is honored as our Hash Hero as he turns 90 this year. Bill’s many contributions to the spread of hashing around the globe are remarkable. His HHH genealogy tracing every hash chapter in the world back to Mother Hash remains an amazing body of research. Thanks to Jay “HOPS” Hopkins for his interview with Bill on the occasion of the anniversary of turning 90 and his 45 years of hashing.

Fast forward to 2017 when Quick Drawers takes us to the inaugural running of the Puerto Rico Rum Runners. Those of us old enough to remember West Side Story might consider this as a reversal of Puerto Rican gangs rumbling in New York as these East Coast gringos explore The Isle of Enchantment. Fortunately no one was shot and everyone looks forward to “ON ON to San Juan in 2018”.
Squeals Like a Pig, or SLAP for short, takes us to the Land of the Rising Sun on the occasion of Nagoya H3’s 23rd Anniversary. For those of you who missed this one, Nagoya is hosting Japan Nash Hash this fall. Kanpai and drink it down down down down.

Scores of great HHH events on the Worldwide Hash Calendar are coming up over the next several months. Swiss Piss presents some exciting challenges for the serious and semi-serious on his picks for the Running and Racing Calendar.

Ajarn Keemao puts himself On the Ice for being a Rail Jerker on the Thai Railroad System. After laughing at Ajarn Keemao, take a gander at the latest Adventures of Hash Boy, as he attempts to mix hare snaring and generic female viagra sky diving with hilarious but disastrous results.

I look forward to seeing you on trail again soon.

On On,
Jim Edens, Editor-in-Chief & Founder
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